Notification of Destruction of Special Education Files

Special education students who graduated from Dunlap with birth dates of August 1992 through July 30, 1993, may obtain their special education file from Dunlap. Please contact Lindsey Wilkerson, Dunlap Student Services Records Department at 309-243-8655 to schedule an appointment to pick up your file.

Special education records must be picked up no later than September 30, 2016. After September 30, 2016, your special education records will be destroyed.

If you have any questions, please contact Lindsey Wilkerson, Dunlap Student Services Secretary.

Submitted by: Ali Bond
Dr. Lisa Parker, Superintendent

HOBY Illinois Central South Leadership Seminar

From June 9-June 12, four Dunlap High School sophomores attended HOBY Illinois Central South Leadership Seminar.

HOBY (Hugh O’Brian Youth Leadership) is an international organization founded by Hugh O’Brian in 1958. Every year, Dunlap High School selects a few sophomores (to be juniors) to attend the Illinois Central South Leadership Seminar; and every year, those sophomores come back from what is commonly known as a “life-changing experience.”

This summer, sophomores Ayah Aldadah, Huda Aldadah, Bruna Tavares, Julia Tavares, and Franny Verville attended the four day seminar. Throughout the four days, the 160 student ambassadors from all over Illinois learn and grow as leaders. Ambassadors participate in team-building activities, listen to inspiring keynote speakers, create service projects, and make friendships that will last a lifetime.

Whether the students are selling lemonade to help fight childhood cancer or learning with and from each other, they enjoy every moment of it.

Students describe the experience as “truly life-changing” and say that “it’s hard to explain how OUTSTANDING it is.”



Submitted by: Julia Tavares
Dr. Lisa Parker, Superintendent

Donors Choose Award

Hickory Grove Elementary School would like to recognize Mrs. Workheiser for receiving a Donors Choose Award in the amount of $426.79. The money will be used to purchase sensory items for her 1st grade classroom. You can read more about this special project at Congratulations Mrs. Workheiser! We appreciate your extra effort to seek out additional resources to enhance your classroom.

1W Picture

Submitted by: Jeremy Etnyre
Dr. Lisa Parker, Superintendent

Livin’ the Dream T-shirts

The Dunlap Middle School Life Skills and Instructional classes began a new journey this school year with the start up of their new fundraiser, making custom t-shirts. The two classes wanted a way to earn money for their classes to help fund trips in to the community, for Panther Pals activities, for classroom projects, and for their newest endeavor, the Panther Pals garden.
The DMS Life Skills and Instructional classes teach students with moderate to severe disabilities including learning disabilities, Autism, intellectual disabilities, and Other Health Impairments. The process starts with Mrs. Steffen and Mrs. Windsor designing a custom t-shirt design for the activity/club/sports team and then the transfers are sent to the school. The teachers order blank t-shirts, and then the t-shirt making commences. The students are very active in the making of each t-shirt. From the beginning, they sort and count the t-shirts to make sure all are accounted for. Next, the teacher will prep the t-shirt and transfer and then the student will press the transfer onto the t-shirt by using a hot t-shirt press. Another student will peel off the paper and then there is the finished t-shirt. Another student will fold the t-shirt to be put in a box to be ready for delivery.
The students thoroughly enjoy making the t-shirts. So far this school year we have made over 800 t-shirts for 16 different clubs, activities, and sports teams. We have made t-shirts, long sleeve shirts, performance shirts, and sweatshirts.


Submitted by: Shannon Steffen and Amy Windsor
Dr. Lisa Parker, Superintendent

DMS 6th Grade Culture Fest 2016

On Friday, May 20, Dunlap Middle School 6th Graders celebrated their cultural heritage with Culture Fest 2016. Students identified their closest (most recent) immigrant relative and their country of origin. Although students have unlimited information at their fingertips, we encouraged students to speak to their parents and especially their grandparents. It was no surprise that students found that parents and grandparents are great untapped resources of history!
Culture Fest 2016 kicked off with a presentation by Jimmy LaKota and the Eagle Ridge Singers. The Native American song and dance performance culminated with nearly 50 students joining Jimmy LaKota onstage for a Friendship Dance. A fashion show followed with students showcasing traditional clothing from their culture. Then the real fun began! The Dunlap Middle School Culture Fest Bazaar featured displays from 49 different countries. Nearly 100 artifacts were on exhibit and over 75 different types of food were sampled including gelabi, heidesand, pufuletis, and dulce de leche. DMS 6th grade families speak over 40 different languages and Romanian, Arabic, Hindi, and even Ebo was heard at Culture Fest 2016. What an awesome day for the 6th graders!!!


JL 2016

Submitted by Tim Noonen
Dr. Lisa Parker, Superintendent

1:1 Technology

At the may board meeting, the 1:1 Technology Committee presented on information gathered from our spring 2016 pilot and a 1:1 roll out plan for our district starting in in the 2017-2018 school year. If you are interested in this presentation, you can view it in the link below. There is also a 1:1 Implementation website that has a wealth of information on this topic. This link is also listed below. Finally, we have created a video to share with you on some of the perceptions of 1:1 technology at the elementary level. Please take a moment to watch and see what second grade teacher, Stefanie Pitzer, and her students have to say about their experiences. We will have another video to share on secondary perspectives next week.

1:1 Initiative Presentation 5-17-16

1:1 Implementation Website

1:1 Technology Video

Submitted by: Heather Bowman
Dr. Lisa Parker, Superintendent

Ridgeview Gives Back

The students of the Ridgeview Elementary Student Leadership Team wanted to do something to make a big impact on the community before moving on to Dunlap Valley Middle School. After much discussion and consideration, students decided they could have the largest impact on the Dunlap Community by contributing to the Dunlap Gives Back Program. Dunlap Gives Back is a program to help families in need with school supplies, hygiene products, food, clothing, and more. The program is funded by people within the Dunlap Community.
Our students decided on a goal of collecting 2,000 toiletry items for the Dunlap Gives Back Program. They called their collection Ridgeview Gives Back. Students at Ridgeview Elementary School brought in WELL over 2,000 items! Mrs. Knapp’s 2nd grade class was our winning classroom with the most items donated. These second graders brought in 255 items! To celebrate, they received a pizza party with the principal. We are so proud of our students’ contributions. We are especially thankful to our members of the Student Leadership Team for organizing and planning such a great event. These 5th graders will truly be missed as they move to Dunlap Valley!




Submitted by: Jen Dando
Dr. Lisa Parker, Superintendent

Project Purple Founder, Chris Herren, Speaks at DHS

On Wednesday, May 11th, former NBA basketball player, Chris Herren, visited Dunlap High School in an all-school assembly to share his story in collaboration with the school’s chapter of Project Purple. Project Purple is an initiative of The Herren Project, a non-profit foundation established by the NBA basketball player that assists individuals and families struggling with addiction. The initiative was launched to break the stigma of addiction, bring awareness to the dangers of substance abuse, and encourage positive decision making to navigate life’s challenges.

The response to the assembly has been overwhelmingly positive.

Dunlap High School would like to thank the sponsors who assisted in bringing Chris Herren to speak to our students:
Commerce Bank
The Dunlap High School Parent’s Club
Mike Miller Hyundai
ESPN Radio 96.5 & The Jim Mattson Show
Heinold & Banwart, Ltd.
Center for Health
The Friends of DHS Project Purple

Project Purple

Submitted by: Tom Welsh
Dr. Lisa Parker, Superintendent

Timely Meaningful Consultation with Parents and Schools Scheduled

Parents of students attending private school within Dunlap’s boundaries or of home-schooled children are invited to attend a meeting on May 24, 2016 at 1:00 p.m. at the district office.

Ali Bond, Director of Student Services, will be facilitating the timely meaningful consultation with parents and schools. This meeting occurs annually as required by Illinois State Board of Education.

At this meeting the following topics will be discussed: the proportionate share (dollar amount) allotted to serve students in private settings, Dunlap’s child find activities, a description of evaluation procedures, and a description of services offered.

Anyone with questions is encouraged to contact Ali Bond directly by email or phone 309-691-3955 or attend the meeting.

Submitted by: Ali Bond
Dr. Lisa Parker, Superintendent

Dunlap Gives Back Garage No Sale!

Dunlap Gives Back Garage No-Sale!
Come and pick up items or request items!
What is a Garage No SALE? It is where you come and pick up any items you want, no limit!
There is NO COST, FREE!!!!
Where is it?
DAC (Dunlap Activity Center) – 101 E. Pine, Dunlap, IL 61525
When is it?
May 25th from 10am-2pm
What if I can’t come?
Please email a list of items that you need or want and we can deliver on May 26th from 10am-12pm.
Email: or call 309-243-8655 (Alyssa Hart)
Items you can request:
FOOD, clothing (what sizes/male or female), household items, books (age), toys, and many other items.

Submitted by: Ali Bond
Dr. Lisa Parker, Superintendent