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Dunlap Community Unit School District #323

Dunlap High School to Host 1st Annual Marching Eagles Invitational

Dunlap High School will host the 1st Annual Dunlap Marching Eagles Invitational on Saturday, October 4th. Bands from across the State of Illinois will be performing from 5:30 p.m.- 8:00 p.m. Marching ensembles from Dwight, Wethersfield, Cambridge, Jacksonville, Metamora, Streator, Illinois Valley Central, and Washington will be competing in three classes for caption awards, placement in class, and overall Grand Champion. Additionally, the Dunlap Marching Eagles will perform in exhibition after the competing ensembles have finished.

This competition would not have been possible without the support of Dunlap High School and District administration, Band Directors Jason Shea and Jill Potts, and a team of over 200 student and parent volunteers led by Dunlap High School graduate Kaitlynn Holshouser. This event is open to the public and will be an exciting evening filled with outstanding music and visual artistry.

Band 2

Submitted by: Tom Welsh


Dr. Lisa Parker, Interim Superintendent

School Improvement Day at Banner Elementary School

Goal 1:  To continuously improve student growth and achievement.  Teachers at Banner Elementary School spent their School Improvement Day afternoon on September 24 working with and becoming more familiar with the Standards of Mathematical Practice.  The teachers were taken through a collaborative process where they identified what the practice looks like (key words), feels like (activities to address the standard), and sounds like (key questions to be asked during instruction).  Teachers also compared their STAR Common Core Standards data and planned for further improvement.  It was a very productive afternoon at Banner.

Submitted by: Greg Fairchild


Dr. Lisa Parker, Interim Superintendent

District Celebrates Custodian and Maintenance Workers Appreciation Week

Today marks the beginning of “Custodian and Maintenance Workers Appreciation Week.” We would like to take this opportunity to show our appreciation to all of our maintenance personnel. Our buildings are clean, and our staff members take pride in all that they do around the schools. If you see one of our maintenance workers this week, please take a moment to thank him/her for the work that they do!

Submitted by: Dr. Lisa Parker, Interim Superintendent

Dunlap Valley Middle School Students Attend Cebrin Goodman Teen Institute and Beyond

Six students from Dunlap Valley Middle School had the opportunity to attend the Cebrin Goodman Teen Institute (CGTI) held in July on the campus of Eastern Illinois University.  This is a leadership opportunity designed to help empower teens with the knowledge and skills necessary to lead a drug-free life.  All of the participants attended workshops designed to help them foster their leadership skills, educate their peers, advocate for positive change in their communities and promote healthy decision-making skills.  The students’ task at CGTI was to create a “Community Action Plan” for implementation back at their home school.   The DVMS CGTI Team identified bullying as a concern among members.  Since their return to school, the students have enlisted the help of Terri Patterson, school counselor, who will help them implement their plan at school.  This week the students introduced TAB – Teens Against Bullying –  to the student body during lunch.  Everyone was invited to the first official TAB meeting on September 24th, where students will meet to give each other support, meet new friends, and discuss how to continue to support a positive climate at DVMS.  Everyone is very excited about this new endeavor.

Submitted by:  Terri Patterson


Dr. Lisa Parker, Interim Superintendent

A Surprise for a Banner Elementary School Student!

A student at Banner Elementary School was pleasantly surprised on Wednesday, September 17 when his brother, who has been serving overseas for months, picked him up from school!

Submitted by: Greg Fairchild


Dr. Lisa Parker, Interim Superintendent

Superintendent Search – We’d Like Your Input!

Dear District Staff and Community Members:

The Dunlap Community Unit School District No. 323 Board of Education has begun the search process for a new superintendent.  We have selected SCHOOL EXEC CONNECT, an educational search firm, to assist us in this process.

We are interested in receiving your input about the new superintendent.  We would appreciate it if you would take about five minutes to fill out an online survey, which will be available from October 3rd – 17th, 2014; please check the District website on October 3rd for the survey link, which can be accessed by clicking on “Superintendent Search Information” from the home page of the website.

In addition to the survey, if you would like to provide input on the district’s strengths, the district’s challenges, and the characteristics the next superintendent should possess, SCHOOL EXEC CONNECT consultants invite you to attend one of the open forums listed below.

District Staff Members

Wednesday, October 1st from 6:30 – 7:45 p.m. in the Dunlap Middle School Commons

Dunlap Community Members

Wednesday, October 1st from 5:00 – 6:15 p.m. in the Dunlap Middle School Commons

Findings from the survey, the open forums, and several focus group conversations will be reported to the Board on October 22nd.

As we move forward, our most important consideration is securing the strongest candidate pool and ultimately the best person to lead our District.  We plan that all those involved in the search will hold candidate names confidential throughout the process.  One or two Staff/Community Committees will be invited to interview the final three candidates and share their feedback to the Board of Education.

The Board of Education looks forward to your support and assistance with this very important undertaking.  Please feel free to contact the consultants assisting us if you have any questions or comments regarding the search:  Dr. Linda Hanson, Dr. Robert Hanson, or Ms. Diane Robertson

We look forward to your input as we search for a new superintendent to lead Dunlap Community Unit School District No. 323.


Ms. Amy Fairfield Doering
President, Board of Education
Dunlap Community Unit School District No. 323



Dunlap High School to Hold Phase II Construction Project Open House

The Board of Education and Dunlap High School Administration and Staff invite you to attend an Open House for the official opening of the Dunlap High School Phase 2 Construction Project.  Dunlap High School will be open on Wednesday, September 17 from 5:30 – 6:30 p.m.  Tours will be given by Student Council members and refreshments served by the Dunlap High School Parents Club.

Submitted by:  Dr. Lisa Parker, Interim Superintendent

Dunlap High School Marching Band Completes ALS Ice Bucket Challenge and Raises over $1,000!

In response to a challenge issued by Jeff Neavor and the Morton High School marching band, the Dunlap High School Varsity marching band completed the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.  In turn, the Dunlap High School Varsity marching band challenged Andy Empey and the Limestone High School marching band.

“ALS” stands for “amyotrophic lateral sclerosis”, often referred to as Lou Gehrig’s Disease.  With student donations and matching donations from the Directors, over $1,000 was raised for ALS research.

To view the challenge, visit the following link:

Submitted by:  Jason Shea


Dr. Lisa Parker, Interim Superintendent

Dunlap High School Booster Club Purchases New Scoreboard

The Dunlap High School Booster Club purchased a new scoreboard for the high school gymnasium. They are excited for the installation to occur in the next couple of weeks, as the new scoreboard will have updated LED digital sides with player numbers, points, and fouls. Stats can also be displayed for volleyball. Other features include real-time streaming, with scores being made accessible by a mobile device. The scoreboard also improves appearance and visibility for spectators, reduces maintenance time and costs, and reduces power consumption.

The scoreboard was purchased from The Nevco Company, at a cost of $56,000. The Booster Club was able to purchase the new scoreboard with several sponsorships, which will be displayed on the scoreboard permanently and through the new digital screen, and with pre-existing funds.

We are excited for our athletes and fans at Dunlap High School!


Submitted by: Greg Crider

Dr. Lisa Parker, Interim Superintendent

English-as-a-Second-Language Summer School 2014 – Another Successful Year

Goal 1:  To continuously improve student growth and achievement.  July 31st was a bittersweet day for 32 elementary English language learners who said “Goodbye” to their English-as-a-Second-Language (ESL) teachers:  Stacey Combs, Jessica Nauman, Tetyana Ovsienko, Genia Workheiser, and a new ESL teacher in the District, Katie Pintozzi.  ESL students enjoyed coming to ESL summer school, which was housed at Ridgeview Elementary School, to improve their English language through reading, writing, and vocabulary development activities.

While younger English learners explored topics such as the beach, wild and domestic animals, and back to school, the older participants learned about the United States.  The students even authored a book called Me on the Map, which included their family tree, created with the assistance of their parents.

Students were assessed weekly, and the teachers were very pleased with the growth progress throughout the program.  It was another successful year for ESL summer school!

Submitted by:  Teytana Ovsienko


Dr. Lisa Parker, Interim Superintendent