THP Project Purple

THP Project Purple is an exciting new program at Dunlap High School and we are proud to be hosting the kick-off assembly for the Dunlap Chapter of THP Project Purple on May 11, 2016. The students involved with THP Project Purple and counselor, Scott Goley, have been working throughout this school year to put together a THP Project Purple kick-off event that will be long remembered by our students. DHS is proud to be hosting an assembly featuring the founder of THP Project Purple; Chris Herren for our kick-off event. The assembly featuring Chris Herren will be attended by the entire student body of Dunlap High School and guests from other local school districts and organizations. This event was made possible through generous donations from community sponsors and we are thankful for their support of this program.

What is the Mission of THP Project Purple?

The THP Project Purple Initiative empowers youth to stand up and make a difference. Going Purple gives students motivation and support as they embrace a message of education and awareness. Students learn that they do not need drugs and alcohol to meet life’s challenges; that they are perfect the way they are.

If you would like further information about Project Purple please follow this link to their homepage

Below is a flier that was created to advertise the assembly. Over the next couple of weeks look for THP Project Purple to be talked about on local news channels, the radio, and for more information to be shared as we get closer to the assembly.

Submitted by: Tom Welsh
Dr. Lisa Parker, Superintendent

Administrators and Board of Education Members Recognizing our Administrative Professionals and Staff

District-level administrators and Board of Education members, Cheryl Bluth and Dawn Bozeman, toured all the buildings yesterday. They spent time observing some classrooms, recognizing our Administrative Professionals and thanking our teachers for all that they do for our students.

Dr. Lisa Parker, Superintendent

Pre-Prom Student Assembly at DHS

Three Screens Productions is presenting a powerful message to address many of the choices teens are facing in today’s society including substance abuse. Dunlap High School is committed to empowering all students to successfully address the temptations and peer pressures associated with the adolescent years.

Three Screens Productions weaves together various media such as music, movies clips, sport clips, and real-life stories on three screens simultaneously. The 11′ X 43′ video panorama utilizes three digital projectors and a premium sound system to create a motivational experience.

In addition to Snowball, Project Purple, and other DHS programs it is our hope students will make good choices as they encounter various decisions throughout their life.


Submitted by: Tom Welsh
Dr. Lisa Parker, Superintendent

Administrative Professionals Day

Today, the Dunlap School District is celebrating Administrative Professionals Day. We want to take a moment to show our appreciation to our dedicated administrative professionals staff.
Many times they are the first people parents and students meet as they enter our District, and they make a difference for students, staff, and parents everyday. They are invaluable in keeping track of small details throughout our buildings, and we sincerely appreciate each and every one of them.
Take a moment today to thank them for all they do for the Dunlap School District.

Dr. Lisa Parker, Superintendent

Silver Apple Award

Each year the Illinois Education Association (IEA) honors individuals who exemplify IEA’s goal of, “promoting the welfare of education” with the Silver Apple Award. This year the Dunlap Education Association (DEA) was proud to honor Dawn Gorsuch and Linda Phillips with this award.

Dawn has been an educator for 30 years, 27 of those in the Dunlap School District. She has taught PreK through adults including Pre-K special ed. Dawn has served on many district committees as well as being a mentor to many Dunlap teachers. Many student teachers have learned exceptional educational practices through Dawn’s modeling. Dawn’s involvement in the DEA has spanned many years and has included her role as building rep for several years as well as her current participation on the Building Leadership Team. Dawn’s leadership, professionalism, and comradery will be missed. Congratulations on your retirement and best of luck to you in the future.

Linda has been an educator in Dunlap School District for 35 years. Her tenure in Dunlap has been spent at Banner Elementary teaching first grade for one year and second for the remaining 34. Linda has always been a teacher advocate, supporting a fair and equitable working environment for all. Linda has participated on several district committees including; Building Leadership Team, District Leadership Team, and Curriculum Council. As a teacher mentor, Linda contributed to the growth of many young teachers becoming the excellent educators they are today. As a DEA member, Linda has been on negotiation committees and has always put the rights of teachers first. Linda’s support and enthusiasm will be missed. We wish you luck in whatever the future may bring.

IMG_0343 JPG (003)

Dr. Lisa Parker, Superintendent

Congratulations to National Scholastic Art Medalist Kiran D’Souza

Congratulations to Kiran D’Souza for her outstanding accomplishment as a 2016 Scholastic Art National medalist. Kiran entered the National Scholastic Art and Writing Awards and won a Gold Key, Silver Key and 5 Honorable Mention awards regionally.

Kiran’s pastel drawing of her sister titled “Giggle” was completed as a project in Mrs. Hale’s Drawing class and received a regional gold key award. The drawing advanced to the National level and was awarded a Silver medal. Over 320,000 works of art and writing were submitted and Kiran’s work was one of the top 1% of art and writing submitted to the 2016 Scholastic Awards.


Submitted by: Jody Hale
Dr. Lisa Parker, Superintendent

Dunlap Community Unit School District #323 is pleased to announce that Mr. Tony Thomason has been named head basketball coach at Dunlap High School.
Thomason is the current assistant basketball coach at Limestone Community High School serving since 2011, played college basketball at Minnesota State University, as well as spent one year playing professional basketball for FC Bayern Munich in Munich, Germany.
District Athletic Director Greg Crider stated, “We are excited to welcome Coach Thomason and his family into the Dunlap Community. Coach Thomason has an obvious passion for kids and the game of basketball and has demonstrated that in his playing and coaching career. He has great experience in the Mid-Illini conference and we look forward to working with him and taking our program to the next level.”

Coach Thomason

Dr. Lisa Parker, Superintendent

Dunlap High School Hosts 2nd Parent Forum of the School Year

On Saturday, April 9th, Dunlap High School hosted its second parent forum for the school year, entitled “Trends in Teen Drug & Alcohol Use: Helping Our Teens Make Positive Choices”.
The event was held at the conclusion of the biennial Snowball student lock-in. Guest speakers included Mrs. Iadipaolo, who leads DHS Snowball, Lieutenant Chris Watkins from the Peoria County Sheriff’s Department, and Director Dave Briggs from the Multi-County Narcotics Enforcement Group.
Parents were informed about the DHS Snowball organization, the effects of drugs and alcohol on our community, and ways they can help keep their child safe.




Submitted by: Kris Mason, Assistant Principal
Dr. Lisa Parker, Superintendent

The New SAT and Illinois

This week high school juniors sat down and took the ACT exam at DHS. The District is able to offer this test to all juniors in spite of state funding this year.
This is possible because of support from our Board of Education and a generous contribution from the Dunlap High School PTO.
Next year, the state is slated to provide the SAT to all juniors. In a recent Making the Grade education segment, the PBS news Hour reported on the changing status of the SAT. You can watch this segment by clicking the link below.

Submitted by: Heather Bowman
Dr. Lisa Parker, Superintendent

Hickory Grove Elementary School Culture Fair

Each year the HGES Culture fair attracts hundreds of people to experience a unique look around the world. This year, HGES held their Culture Fair on Saturday, March 19th, 2016. The theme was, “Reading Takes You Places,” emphasizing the importance of literature and language around the world. Ten Countries participated, 3 of which offered presentations. It was a spectacular event attended by roughly 765 people.

The pride the families have for their cultures is immense, as was their willingness to share and teach the HGES community about their heritage. Classrooms around the building participated in creating projects, posters, and books about students’ heritage.

The participating countries were Brazil, India, Laos, France, Pakistan, China, Bangladesh, Romania, Egypt, and Tanzania. Each country was provided with a table that they decorated with items from their country. Posters provided basic information, such as language, flag, location, and currency. Each country put their own personal touches on the décor, highlighting language and literature in their country. Every country also provided a small, delicious snack to offer a taste of their country.

Bangladesh shared the game of Cricket offering a demonstration and allowing children to play. China had two excellent performances that offered a look into traditional dances. After the performances, students were able to learn the dance and try on the costumes. India performed a Bollywood dance as well as shared common words that we use in English, both with audience participation. It was an excellent way to allow the audience an authentic experience of other cultures’ traditions.

Parent volunteer and Culture Fair Committee member Prachi Agarwal feels the Culture Fair is important to our district and our diverse children.
“The Culture Fair celebrates the uniqueness of our bi-cultural kids and is truly a melting pot. My boys not only love to showcase their heritage and but also enjoy the opportunity to learn about traditions and cultures from across the globe. We have had this event for four consecutive years and there is always a surprise element with either a new theme or format or a new country to visit. School and staff support made it easy to participate and I appreciate the fact that the district truly nurtures the diversity.” ~Prachi Agarwal.

Parent volunteer, Mayqueline Morales-Gonzalez also feels the importance of having a Culture Fair for her family.
“Our family participated from this event to share a little bit of our country and roots. We wanted to take advantage of the School’s such diverse environment to share with other families and learn about their culture as well. It is a priceless opportunity for our kids to experience this exchange at such short age. This is very unlikely in other areas/countries and definitely adds a lot value, not only in terms of knowledge but respect, and inclusion.” ~ Mayqueline Morales-Gonzalez.

The HGES Culture Fair is a unique opportunity to learn about each other and bring the diverse HGES community together.

china dance 1

Egypt food

Mr. Etnyre in India



Submitted by: Katie Norbutas
Dr. Lisa Parker, Superintendent