District Title I Plan

Compliance with new legislation put forth by the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) requires that each school district which holds a Title I program to create a new Title I Plan following a template provided by the Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE). This plan was created in conjunction with teachers, paraprofessionals, Title I administration, as well as feedback from Title I parent meetings and parent surveys throughout the school year. The plan, posted here, is up for comment/questions until 6/19/17. Any staff or community member wishing to make comment or ask questions is encouraged contact me at hbowman@dunlapcusd.net or contact me by phone at (309) 691-3955. This plan will go before the Board of Education for consideration on 6/21/2017 after which time it will be sent to ISBE. The submission of this plan then allows our district to complete our annual Title application process. The federal money the district receives from Title I provides the services of paraprofessionals for interventions in our Title I buildings as well as some of our professional development and intervention resources.

Submitted by: Heather Bowman
Dr. Lisa Parker, Superintendent

Dunlap High School Student Recognized by ISBE

DHS Sophomore, Riley Moran, was recognized by the Illinois State Board of Education and the Serve Illinois Commission on Volunteerism and Community Service.
Riley was one of four students recently named as recipients for the 2017 Governor’s Volunteer Service Award. Riley spent his time organizing projects and volunteering his time at Neighborhood House.
We are very proud of Riley and his contributions to our community!

Submitted by: Scott Adreon
Dr. Lisa Parker, Superintendent

DGS Student Named State Champion in Chess

Congratulations to 3rd Grade DGS Student, Owen! Owen is the new state champion in chess for both major scholastic state wide chess tournaments in Illinois: The State Champion in Upper Primary section of 2017 Illinois K-8 State Chess Championship and 3rd Grade State Champion in Illinois All Grade 2016

The Illinois K-8 State Chess Championship is the major scholastic state wide chess tournament held in Illinois annually. The 2017 Illinois K-8 State Chess Championship was held in Normal, IL, from March 11 to March 12. 567 players from Kindergarten to 8th grade across the state attended this 2-day event. Each player played 7 rounds. Owen played in the Upper Primary section, which is for 2nd and 3rd grade students. Owen is the only player who won all the 7 games in the Upper Primary section, which included 171 players. Owen won the first place trophy and he became the state champion in the Upper Primary section of 2017 Illinois K-8 State Chess Championship .

The Illinois All Grade is another major scholastic state wide chess tournament held during the fall of each year. The 2016 Illinois All Grade was held in Naperville on November 5, 2016. 404 players from kindergarten to high school across the state attended. Each player plays 5 rounds. Owen played in the 3rd Grade section, which includes 53 players. Owen is the only player who won all the 5 games in the 3rd Grade section, and Owen won the first place trophy. Owen became the 3rd Grade state champion!

Congratulations to Owen in this extraordinary accomplishment! Way to be a Royal!

Submitted by: Mandy Ellis
Dr. Lisa Parker, Superintendent

Timely Meaningful Consultation with Parents and Schools Scheduled

Parents of students attending private school within Dunlap’s boundaries or of home-schooled children are invited to attend a meeting on May 24, 2017 at 10:00 a.m. at the district office.

Ali Bond, Director of Student Services, will be facilitating the timely meaningful consultation with parents and schools. This meeting occurs annually as required by Illinois State Board of Education. At this meeting the following topics will be discussed: the proportionate share (dollar amount) allotted to serve students in private settings, Dunlap’s child find activities, a description of evaluation procedures, and a description of services offered.

Anyone with questions is encouraged to contact Ali Bond directly by email abond@dunlapcusd.net, phone 309-691-3955 or attend the meeting.

Submitted by: Ali Bond
Dr. Lisa Parker, Superintendent

WW Wins a “Making Waves” Award

Wilder-Waite Grade School received a “Making Waves” award at the Clean Water Celebration on April 24th.
5th grade teacher Jeremy Conlee took the 5th grade recycling team to the Peoria Civic Center to receive the award. Since 1995, the Clean Water Celebration has presented Making Waves Awards to individuals and organizations who “Make Waves” for water and the environment.
Wilder-Waite was nominated as a 2017 Making Waves Award winner as a model of how students can take leadership roles in recycling at their school.
The 5th grade team visits classrooms and offices daily to collect recyclable materials.
Congratulations to the recycling team and to all wildcats committed to recycling and taking care of our environment!

Submitted by: Stacy Berg
Dr. Lisa Parker, Superintendent

Interim Director of Student Services

We are pleased to announce the addition of Alyssa Hart, as the new Interim Director of Student Services. Mrs. Hart has over eleven years’ experience as a School Social Worker and is currently finishing her 6th year with Dunlap School District.

While working as a School Social Worker in the Dunlap School District, Alyssa has implemented Dunlap Gives Back, created parents’ special education folders, researched and recommended the new alternative program for Dunlap High School, and worked on many other areas with the current Director of Student Services. She took the lead on separating RTI academics and RTI SEL within the schools and has recently worked on the implementation of a new threat assessment.

Alyssa is a wife, mother of 4 boys, and in her spare time loves to travel with family and friends.

She will begin her new position on July 1 and we are looking forward to her leadership in the area of Student Services.

Dr. Lisa Parker, Superintendent

National School Nurses Day – May 10, 2017

On the 10th day of May in the year 2017, we will celebrate National School Nurse Day — a day designated to celebrate school nurses working to improve the health and learning of students. School nurses are heroes to the more than 50 million children in our nation’s schools, and it is highly likely that more people interact with a school nurse than any other nursing specialist.


The statement sounds dramatic; but, when you hear story after story of nurses interactions with students, we know it’s true. School Nurse Day is a day for you to reflect on your practice. Remember the many times when you made a difference in the life of a child; now, multiply that number by 10,000.
The number could be multiplied by 100,000 or more, depending on your years as a school nurse. These are the lives you have touched, the daily events which you may not always know how your actions influenced the outcome. Of course, we remember the obvious interactions, but there are so many more actions that prevent an emergency; that clear the way for a family to access needed services; and that remind children they are special, unique and worthy of attention.

Thank you for all that you do and allow this day, School Nurse Day, to shine a very bright light on what you do every day for a better tomorrow. You care for children! You are a school nurse.

Submitted by: Ali Bond
Dr. Lisa Parker, Superintendent

Autism Awareness

Teachers and staff throughout the District recently took part in Autism Awareness during the month of April.
Autism Awareness t-shirts were designed and made by our very own Life Skills and Instructional students at DMS. With every t-shirt purchase, $4 would be donated to the Peoria Regional Chapter of the Autism Society.
We were thrilled with the amount of t-shirts sold and the support of the teachers and staff in this District. Altogether, we sold 186 t-shirts!! Because our t-shirt sales were so very successful, the classes decided to donate an extra $1 for each t-shirt sold, making the total donation per t-shirt to be $5. We also had a few more gracious donors who donated on top of their t-shirt purchase! In addition to t-shirt sales, during the month of April, DVMS participated in an Autism Awareness Penny War and raised $150.00.
We donated a Grand Total of $1,115 to the Peoria Regional Chapter of the Autism Society.

Dr. Lisa Parker, Superintendent

Official Election Results and Newly Elected Board Officers Announced!

We would like to thank the candidates, as well as everyone who voted in the recent election, for their commitment to the Dunlap School District. We welcome Abby Hulick Humbles to the Board of Education as well as congratulate returning Board of Education Members Cheryl Bluth and Karen Disharoon.

Our newest Board of Education Member, Abby Hulick Humbles, is a proud graduate of Dunlap Grade School and Dunlap High School. She holds a Masters Degree in Educational Administration from Bradley University and a Doctorate in Curriculum and Instruction from Illinois State University. A retired Peoria County School Superintendent, Dr. Humbles has also served as a teacher in many grade levels including English as a Second Language, an Illinois State University Center Director for student teachers, an instructor of principal candidates at Bradley University and a principal. Abby is married to Bobby Humbles with their youngest child attending in the district. Abby is the President of Peoria Area Retired Teacher Association. She is a parent volunteer with Girls Scouts, involved in the Peoria Chapter of Families with Children from China and associated with other various organizations.

A Special Board Meeting was held tonight to seat the new Board. Prior to being seated, the newly elected and re-elected board members read the required Oath of Office. Board officers were also nominated and approved to serve a two-year term. The new officers for the Board are as follows:
Board President: Karen Disharoon
Vice-President: Beth Rhee
Secretary: Bryan Zowin

We would also like to extend a heartfelt thank you to Dr. Paul Park for his 8 years of service and dedication to the Dunlap School District, as he did not run for re-election.

Dr. Lisa Parker, Superintendent